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2015 Top Advisors Awarded

Vanderbilt Financial Group recognized our three Top Advisors at our Impact 2015 Summit on November 5th. Each year the Top Advisors are recognized for a year of stellar business and growth. This year’s recipients are Scott Fitzgerald and Mark Kaplan located in the Vanderbilt Headquarters and Neil Frankel located in Vanderbilt’s Manhattan branch.

This year, instead of the typical plaque, the Top Advisors received an Ecosphere. Each ecosphere is a totally enclosed ecosystem that is self-contained and self-sustaining. The ecosphere provides a small scale example of the commitment to innovation, technology, sustainability, the environment, and the future, that Vanderbilt is so passionate about. We hope that the Top Advisors keep their ecosphere on their desks as a reminder of our shared Vanderbilt Values.

Congratulations to Scott, Neil, and Mark on a year of exemplary business!

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