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At Vanderbilt, our number one priority is our advisor’s success. While each advisor’s definition of success will be different, we can all agree that flexibility, focus, service and diversity are critical elements. Vanderbilt remains steadfast in its commitment to supporting our advisors through their transition into the firm, and on an ongoing basis with the most robust, technology enabled and impactful platform we can provide. With easy access to management and back-office support paired with access to a robust technology suite, Vanderbilt advisor partnerships offer tremendous value and results.

Our Partners

To provide our advisors with the most up to date resources and tools, we have engaged with the following partners:

In House Bond & Equity Desks

Innovative Platform

Our investment and due diligence teams are constantly at work engaging with advisors to ensure that we are bringing the most effective and efficient investment solutions to clients. 

Our platform is also designed with ease of use in mind, integrating AI and focusing on the continuous growth of our investment universe, including our sustainable and impact solution set. 

Consultative Compliance

Using Docupace’s intuitive and innovative processing system to submit business, compliance approval and subsequent turnaround is an extremely quick and easy process. 

Our consultative compliance team is tasked with ensuring that each piece of business is handled with an individualized approach that meets our regulatory requirements and client needs and goals.

Member of VFG compliance team
VFG Management on a training call

Training, Education & Technology

We provide training and education designed to keep our advisors operating on the cutting edge. With access to our robust technology suite, our advisors can participate in individual and team training on various topics, including:

  • One-on-One Coaching & Mentoring
  • Compliance Training Sessions
  • National Conferences
  • Product Education
  • Ongoing Professional Development

Back Office Support

Our experienced and hardworking team of professionals provide customized back-office support for each advisor, including assistance with day-to-day business processing, sales, and operational support. 

Our team aids in speeding up processes that can be tedious, long, and bureaucratic at larger firms so that you can focus on what is really important — growing your business. 

Advisor Assistant Program Helping Advisor
Vanderbilt Concierge Assistant Program

The Vanderbilt Concierge Assistant Program(VCAP), is designed to help you save time so you can focus on driving the success of your book.

The Vanderbilt Concierge Assistant Program empowers you to choose where to direct your time, whether it’s towards expanding your business, concentrating on investment management, or enhancing the client experience. Ultimately, this program returns the value of time to you at its essence.

Incorporating an entrepreneurial approach by utilizing a team of VFG-trained virtual assistants who can directly engage with your clients, managing administrative tasks, and collaborating closely with the back office on business processing, creates a mutually beneficial situation. We take care of the “busy work” while you concentrate on what matters most to you.


• Complete and Submit Paperwork to Operations for All VFG Related Business

• Communication with Vendors on the Advisor’s Behalf

• Followup with the Operations Department

• Submissions for Compliance Review

• Reinforce Internal Announcements

• Account Maintenance

• Interactions with Client

• Maintain Redtail CRM

• Marketing Campaigns


• Place Trades

• Make Investment Decisions

• Work-related to Outside Business Activities

• Attend Meetings on Behalf of the Financial Professional

• Answer emails/phone calls on behalf of the Financial Professional

• Manage Your Calendar/Set Appointments

A Word (or Two) About Transitions

Transitioning to a new firm is a big step. At Vanderbilt, we are laser-focused on ensuring the transitioning process is as frictionless as possible, with personalized support and a dedicated team to guide you through the transitioning of your client accounts.

Our goal is to have you return to servicing your clients as quickly as possible, and to support your vision for the future.

Transition support includes:

  • Dedicated Transition Manager
  • Oversight of all transition documents processed & submitted by the transition team
  • Individual training and support on Docupace & Docusign platforms
  • Timely follow up with product companies for quick turnaround
  • Electronically prepared forms
  • Daily and/or weekly transition updates
  • Signature prompts to ensure forms are submitted
  • Comfort in knowing you have Vanderbilt on your side!

Join Our Community

We welcome advisors and clients to come visit us, to speak with our team and to learn more about what makes Vanderbilt such a unique community.

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