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Leed Platinum HQ

In September of 2015, Vanderbilt Financial Group completed a 360-degree renovation to our Headquarters and was awarded the prestigious LEED Platinum Certification in recognition of its leadership in energy and environmental design, making it the first of its kind on Long Island. This certification sets an example of environmental responsibility for the entire community to emulate.

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Reducing Our Energy Consumption & Waste

Our utilities and business overhead have dramatically reduced our energy consumption and waste production due to our adoption of new technology. Through the 295 solar panel array located on our white roof, we typically generate 115 MWH annually, which covers an average of 95.3% of our energy usage. Our state-of-the-art HVAC system promotes fresh air exchange to purify the air while reducing energy usage by 50%. 

In addition, all of the material used in our renovation, including paint, carpeting, bricks, furniture etc. came from within a 500-mile radius of the building to ensure that an excessive amount of fuel was not used in transportation of materials.

Embracing Technology to Reduce Environmental Impact

In addition to our energy efficient and state-of-the-art LEED Certified Platinum Headquarters, embracing platforms like Docupace and Docusign through our technology stack has allowed Vanderbilt to go paperless for client accounts firm-wide, resulting in saving 26.558 lbs of wood, 71,122 gallons of water, 3,922 lbs of paper waste, and further reducing our carbon footprint by 59,822 lbs of CO2. 

Source: Docusign ®

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Self Sustaining

In addition to all of the green initiatives, we are also self-sustaining. Our onsite natural gas generator can handle extended power outages. We have installed the latest VOIP or Voice Over IP Solutions, with redundancy to safeguard against Internet and phone outages.

Electric Car Charging Stations

Vanderbilt is the proud recipient of a NYSERDA grant to increase the number of electric car charging stations in New York.  We received 85% funding for two on-site electric car charging stations available for employees to use at no cost.

Furthermore, our Founder & CEO is Tesla’s Number 1 Fan!

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In order for us to maintain our LEED status, our firm must comply with strict recycling guidelines. Vanderbilt HQ has multiple on-site recycling centers to ensure recyclable materials make their way to the proper facilities where they can be reused, as opposed to simply dumped into landfills.

Maintaining a green office space is a goal the entire Vanderbilt team is committed to, even Stella, our Chief Morale Officer (pictured left) who ensures no snack ever goes to waste.

We've Made it Easy to Make An Impact

Our cutting-edge Impact Platform uses the ease of technology to provide one-on-one online training, support for our CRM system, portfolio solutions and other resources to help our advisors operate efficiently. 

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