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Another Impact Team on 10 Joins Vanderbilt Financial Group, the Sustainable BD and RIA


Vanderbilt Financial Group’s growth continues with the addition of 10 financial advisors in yet another Impact Investing focused OSJ, bringing in over $250 million in new assets


Vanderbilt Financial Group welcomes another team of 10 veteran Impact/ESG Advisors with over $250 Million in AUM, only weeks after adding a billion dollar team of 20 Impact focused advisors. This latest group, formerly affiliated with Financial West Group, brings decades of knowledge and a shared passion for sustainable and social/Impact Investing.

This newest OSJ is led by Hunter Brownlie of New Hampshire, a financial advisor with over 25 years of Impact experience. His OSJ team includes; Todd Walker of Vermont; Rob Libon, David Schrieber, Donna Clifford, and Terry Timmerman of Massachusetts; C. Sue Guynn of California; Mike Smith of New Hampshire; Stuart Valentine of Iowa; and Jina Penn-Tracy of Minnesota.

Brownlie explains, “I feel very grateful to have found a group that really gets impact investing. We’re all so excited to be working with a Broker Dealer whose values are fully aligned, not just with our own, but with our clients’ values as well!” He continues, “The responsiveness from the Vanderbilt staff has been excellent — from the operations and marketing support, to their technology platform, they’ve really made our job easier.”

Todd Walker, Rob Libon, and David Schreiber CFP®, operate as Greenvest® which offers consulting on Socially Responsible Investing. Todd is the Co-Founder of Greenvest® and is an environmentalist and award-winning financial writer. Robert helps his clients create portfolios with an SRI focus to achieve competitive returns and David has a focus in fossil fuel free investing.

Donna Clifford operates as Rainbow Investment Solutions and has been helping her clients live and invest responsibly since founding in 1998. Terry Timmerman, also of Rainbow Investment Solutions, provides a full range of financial services for individuals, families and non-profits with experience in the LGBTQ (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Questioning & Queer) community.

Stuart Valentine and Jina Penn-Tracy are a team operating as Centered Wealth which has a focus on creating a better world through providing good investment planning and financial advice to their clients.

“We’re so grateful that Hunter’s team chose Vanderbilt; our passions for being impactful with the money our clients invest are perfectly aligned. I am humbled that a team of veteran Impact focused advisors found us, did their due diligence and believe in our mission to be the most Impactful BD and RIA in our industry,” says Vanderbilt CEO and Chief Disruption Officer, Steve Distante, “It all started with a mission to teach people about Impact Investing, through our online university,; now we have likeminded advisors joining our firm, we couldn’t be happier!”


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