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Crock Pot Wars 2017: Round Three Recap

On Friday April 7th we held Round 3 of our Crock Pot Wars. The third round was Vegetarian themed in honor of our April Earth Month Campaign. The livestock industry uses more energy and water than all the cars, trucks, trains, planes, and ships in the US combined. Eating vegetarian even once a week, is a great step to “going green”.

Operations manager, Joe Berbenich, came in first place for the second consecutive round with his Lentil Soup. Controller, Megan Plapp, came in second place with her minestrone soup. Chief of Staff, Heidi Distante and Compliance Officer Barry Champney each took a unique spin on black bean soup and Senior Technology Specialist, Ronnie Hanif, treated us to a chick pea curry.

Joe Berbenich has a strong lead going into the final rounds and will be the one to beat to become the 2017 Crock Star!

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