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The Impact Momentum Continues as Mehul Thakker Unites with Vanderbilt Financial Group

Rockstar Impact Financial Advisor has made the decision to join Vanderbilt Financial Group, “The Sustainable Broker Dealer and RIA”

Impact Investing thought leader, Mehul Thakker, formerly of Financial West Group, joins the movement of impact advisors choosing Vanderbilt Financial Group of Woodbury, NY. Located in San Leandro, CA, Mehul has 15 years of industry experience and manages $60 million in assets under management.

Mehul is an Impact Investment Advisor specializing in investments with strong corporate social responsibility through his brand, Empowered Investments. He also has a special focus in the areas of clean energy, corporate governance, and sustainability.

Of the move, Thakker says, “We are a socially responsible investment firm, and our goal is to constantly improve our services and create more positive impact. Partnering with an environmentally sustainable organization like Vanderbilt means we can continue to upgrade our capabilities, while also strengthening the commitment to our core values of creating responsible and sustainable impact in our communities. Together, I think we will accomplish great things!”

Mehul joins dozens of other Impactful Advisors who chose Vanderbilt in 2017. Vanderbilt embraced impact investing years ago and created the online collaborative community, This twofold initiative furthers the Impact movement by educating the public about Impact Investing through and through an online crowdfunding portal,, which will allow any investor to vote with their dollars to support impactful projects when launched later this year.

Vanderbilt CEO, and Impact U Chief Disruption Officer, Steve Distante, attributes this growth to VFG’s understanding of and dedication to Impact Investing: “Impact Investing is our passion; we understand and respect the magnitude of the movement and have created a grateful and innovative community for impact investors to call home. We’re so excited to see pioneers in the space and thought leaders like Mehul choosing to join our Impact community.”

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