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Vanderbilt’s Virtual Meetings help Advisors Gain Access to Education

Vanderbilt Financial Group kicked off 2016 with a new initiative to introduce advisors to the opportunity to join meetings, seminars, and discussions virtually. Through the use of our state of the art technology in conjunction with our technology specialists, we have created phone in, video in, and playback opportunities for all of our advisors to take advantage of.

Now all Vanderbilt Advisors across the country can easily benefit from educational and training efforts that we were once only available in-house. Our panoramic conference camera allows advisors to log in and view the meeting as if they were sitting in the room. Our call in option makes it easy for advisors to listen to important meetings while on the road or travelling. Our playback option records the meeting so that advisors can listen in at the time that’s most convenient to them.

In addition to the technological aspects allowing for more participation from Vanderbilt Advisors than ever before, we also aim to have weekly educational meetings regarding products, updates, or strategies to financial practices. We also instituted a survey system to get feedback on every session to measure value created for our advisors and take their suggestions of what they’re looking for in future sessions.

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