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Impact 2015 Summit Recap

Vanderbilt Financial Group, an Independent Broker Dealer located in Woodbury, NY held its Impact 2015 Summit on November 5th at Long Island’s prestigious OHEKA Castle. Every year the firm holds an Annual Sales & Compliance Meeting in which all 100 financial advisors get together to discuss industry trends.

After an eventful year filled with learning and innovation, Vanderbilt’s Executive Team decided to rethink and refocus their conference. The conference was renamed the Impact 2015 Summit which reflected the firm’s newfound passion for Impact Investing and Sustainability. The day was focused around the theme “Impact” and on looking forward to the future with a special focus on Millennials as incoming advisors and investors.

The speakers consisted of thought leaders in the Impact Investing arena. The keynote speaker, R. Paul Herman, CEO and Founder of HIP Investor gave a special presentation for Vanderbilt Representatives called, “Succeeding and Prospering as Impact Advisors”, which he followed with a book signing of his own, HIP Investor: Make Bigger Profits by Building a Better World. Kevin Hart, President of Lightstone Capital Markets gave an insightful presentation about MOXY, Marriot’s new innovative millennial focused hotel. Senior Product Manager for Morningstar, David Harrell, gave a sneak peek of Morningstar’s new Impact rating system which has not even been launched yet.


The “Impact” theme reached farther than just Impact Investing presentations. Throughout the day money was raised through a 50/50/50 raffle, for two charities Vanderbilt Financial Group supported this year –The Interfaith Nutrition Network and the John Brower Jr. Foundation. The total amount raised was $2640.00, which was divided between the two charities. The Impact 2015 Summit showcased Vanderbilt’s ongoing commitment to the environment and community and positioned the firm as an Impact Organization.


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